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About the PI

Interested in joining the group?

I welcome both UC Berkeley undergraduates and undergraduates from other colleges & university into my laboratory. Undergraduates in my lab have been co-authors on several of our papers. Cal students can receive credit for undergraduate research in my laboratory (i.e. MCB, C). Please email me with expressing your interest and include your CV. Undergraduates interested in our research are encouraged to apply to the Lawrence Berkeley SULI program. Find more information here.

I welcome UC Berkeley graduate students into my laboratory.

I am interested in recruiting postdocs with a range of backgrounds. To inquire about a postdoc position, please email with your CV, a statement of your interest in the lab, and the names of 3 references.

Interested in our strains?

We are happy to share plasmids and strains with other academic and government research groups. However, because we are at a DoE User Facility for Nanoscience, a user proposal requesting the materials and an MTA must be completed before the materials can be sent. Find more information here.


Dr. Caroline M. Ajo-Franklin
Bldg. 67 Rm 5115
Berkeley, CA 94720
cajo-franklin  at  lbl  dot  gov
office phone: (510) 486. 4299
 fax: (510) 495. 2346


Bldg. 67, 5th Floor
Phone: (510) 486. 6907

Shipping Address:

One Cyclotron Rd.
Bldg. 67, Rm. 5201
Berkeley, CA 94720

Mailing Address:

One Cyclotron Rd., Mail Stop 67R5110
Berkeley, CA 94720

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