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1. “Interprotein electron transfer improves function and fitness of metal-reducing E. coli” H. M. Jensen, M. K. Kokish and C. M. Ajo-Franklin,
manuscript in preparation.

2.  “System-level properties are essential for controllable synthesis and function of electron conduits in living cells” C. P. Goldbeck, H. M. Jensen, M. A. TerAvest, N. Beedle, Y. Appling, M. Hepler, G. Cambray, V. Mutalik, L. T. Angenent, C. M. Ajo-Franklin, submitted.

3.  “Biomineralization by Calcifying Cyanobacteria - a Potential Means for Biological Carbon Capture and Storage” N. Kamennaya, C. Ajo-Franklin, T. Northen, C. Jansson accepted to Minerals.

4.  “Dual-emitting quantum dot/quantum rod-based Nanothermometers with enhanced response and sensitivity in live cells,” A. E. Albers, E. M. Chan, P. M. McBride, C. M. Ajo-Franklin, B. E. Cohen, and B. A. Helms, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 134, 9565-8 (2012) [PDF]

5.  “Engineering of a synthetic electron conduit in living cells.” H. M. Jensen, A. E. Albers, K. Malley, Y. Y. Londer, B. E. Cohen, B. A. Helms, P. Weigele, J. T. Groves, C. M. Ajo-Franklin, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA,107, 19213-19218 (2010). [PDF]

*highlighted in Nature, This Week in PNAS; Today at LBL; article in C&E News

6.   “A synthetic circuit for selectively arresting daughter cells to create aging populations.” B. Afonso, P. A. Silver, C. M. Ajo-Franklin, Nucl. Acids Res., 38, 2727-2735 (2010). [PDF]

7.  “Standard measurement kits for characterizing BioBrick promoters and ribosome binding sites.” J. R. Kelly, A. Rubin, C. M. Ajo-Franklin, J. Cumbers, M. Czar, K. DeMora, J. Lucks, D. Monie, D. Endy, J. Biol. Eng., 3, 4 (2009). [PDF]

8.  “Caged quantum dots.” G. Han, T. Mokari, C. Ajo-Franklin, B.E. Cohen. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 130, 15811-15813 (2008). [PDF]

9.  “Rational design of memory in eukaryotic cells.” C. M. Ajo-Franklin, D. A. Drubin, J. A. Eskin, E. P.S. Gee, D. Landgraf, I. Phillips, P. A. Silver, Gene Dev., 21, 2271-2276 (2007). [PDF]

10. “Probing the structure of supported membranes and tethered oligonucleotides by fluorescence interference contrast microscopy.” C. M. Ajo-Franklin, C. Yoshina-Ishii, S. G. Boxer, Langmuir, 11, 4976-83 (2005). [PDF]

11. “Patterned supported lipid bilayers and monolayers on PDMS.” P. Lenz, C. M. Ajo-Franklin, S. G. Boxer, Langmuir, 20, 11092-11099 (2004). [PDF]

12. “Variable Incidence Angle Fluorescence Interference Contrast Microscopy for z-imaging single objects” C. M. Ajo-Franklin, P. V. Ganesan, S. G. Boxer, Biophys. J., 89, 2759-2769 (2005). [PDF]

14. “High refractive index substrates for fluorescence microscopy of biological interfaces with high z contrast.” C. M. Ajo-Franklin, L. Kam, S. G. Boxer, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 98, 13643-13648 (2001). [PDF]

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